Dramatic dark blue walls


Ever since we moved into our new house, I can’t stop trawling through Pinterest and interior design blogs for wall colour inspiration. Even though we moved in a year ago, we were so excited about the prospect of buying a house that we completely forgot to put aside enough for decorating it – talk about an #adultingfail! While we’ve done quite a fair bit of fixing to the house, there’s been little to no progress to the interiors. My biggest gripe is our spare room which currently functions as my office / dressing / guest room / storage area / everything room (d’you have one of those?). Now that I work from home I just feel it needs a massive overhaul so I really want to declutter it, decorate it and make it Insta worthy! I’ve definitely been digging blue walls at the moment, especially since Dulux announced Denim Drift as the colour of the year. I really like the way dramatic and grand dark blue walls look and how it transforms a room. What do you think? Yay or nay?


Dark Blue Walls Inspiration

Dark Blue Walls Inspiration

Dark Blue Walls


Dark blue walls look just as nice with dark or light wooden touches or with accents of colour, especially jewel greens, pink, mustard yellow and gold.


Blue Walls inspiration

Dark Blue Walls


These dark blue furnishings make a statement in the room without going all out with dark blue walls. I love the way they look paired with gold and brass.


Navy blue dresser

Dark Blue Furniture


I’ve never really been a fan of yellow, but I really like the contrast between dark blue walls and the odd mustard yellow accents.


Mustard Yellow Sofa

Mustard Gold Furniture


How do you feel about dark blue walls? Would you ever consider them or do you feel they look a bit ‘much’, especially for a small space?


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